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Economic Hard Times Increase Information Security-Related Risk

I recently read a newspaper article that discussed some of the fallout that has resulted from the recent problems with the US economy as well as economies elsewhere. The article stated that commercial stores are experiencing a substantially larger amount of shoplifting; theft by internal employees is also greatly on the rise. Given the severity of the current economic plight, there is no immediate end in sight.

More than simply goods, food and gasoline are at elevated risk of theft, however. I’d also be more than willing to bet that information security-related risk has soared as the result of the current economic hard times. Lack of economic well-being is one of the greatest motivators of all kinds of crime, computer-related crime very much included. For years, groups and individuals from various countries around the world, but particularly countries in which economies have not been faring well, have been breaking into computers that store financial information and that run business transaction applications that can be subverted to funnel money to somewhere where the perpetrators can collect it covertly and safely. Read more…

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