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The Death of Risk

My friend and colleague Donn Parker, security consultant and researcher par excellence, gives an RSA session entitled “Alternatives to Security Risk Management” (RSA P2P 204A Weds at 1pm Burgundy 222) in which he attempts once more to debunk the myth that “risk can be managed” in information security.  Donn has been on the forefront of thinking about information security since the 1970s and he is used to being ignored by all types of people who either don’t get it or haven’t figured out a way to exploit an idea for profit yet.  Sometimes his rants can seem quixotic but almost always look prescient after-the-fact.  Here is an example.  Donn is not saying that “risk doesn’t matter” (although read below for more on this notion), but he is saying that the idea that an organization can use quantitative techniques analyzing detailed risk profiles around data and controls to make decisions about information security is pure bunkum.  I agree…mostly. Read more…

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