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Web Sites Allow Billing Others for Services They Do Not Want

Emagined Security’s CEO, David Sockol, recently sent me a message in which he said that he had just received a piece of spam that lead him to an interesting discovery. Anyone who visits sites such as can enter anyone’s cell phone number and that owner of the cell phone will start getting charged $9.99 a month for services that the owner very likely does not know about. The owner does not have to authorize such a transaction, and does not even need to be involved in any way. Anyone can enter any cell phone number. Worse yet, spam that convinces people to enter their own number is circulating. Read more…

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iPad Security: Part 3

Many of Apple’s recommended iPad security settings (see parallel those of other vendors’ products. But which of iPad’s security settings are most critical? Answering this question requires understanding the usage context of this computer. Just like the iPhone, most of the iPad’s use will be by a single user. At the same time, the iPad is even more mobile than are Macintosh laps, and about equally mobile as iPhones. Why use an iPad instead of an iPhone? For one thing, the iPad has more computing power. It also has a larger, considerably easier to read keyboard and display, thereby making it more suitable not only for typical user interaction tasks such as logging in and reading email, but also for playing video games. Read more…

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