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What’s our Policy on That?

Companies of all sizes continue to struggle with information security policies or other rules designed to help protect their information. In 30 years of information security practice some issues come up time and time again that contribute to the problem of inadequate information security policies. While few would argue the need to have actual policies about information security, often that’s where agreement stops. The concept of having policies, defining policies and enforcing them is often more than a little controversial for many companies.

Most information security policies evolved out of the old familiar “do’s and don’ts” set of rules.  Often times the do’s and don’ts were the least controversial of policies and included such things as guidance on what not to say in an e-mail, how to handle confidential company information, what usage of the Internet is permissible, and so forth. Too often the do’s and don’ts policy was a clone of a year’s earlier article in an HR manager journal and has received almost no attention since then.  Companies often lack the resolve to use the do’s and don’ts policy as a basis for disciplinary measures of any kind, let alone as the basis for termination.  However, the one thing the do’s and don’ts policy did enable everyone to do was to righteously claim, “yes, Boss, we do have an information security policy.”

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