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To Ring or Not To Ring?

September 25th, 2014 No comments

So it’s been a few weeks since Def Con 2014 and I’m still impressed with the year-over-year draw in attendance for the Social Engineering CTF.  What started out a few years ago as a small “show and learn” regarding social engineering (aka hackers’ confidence game) and Corporate America’s general unpreparedness in the face of it, has blossomed into a busy hub of capture-the-flag comings and goings with few, if any, seats left available when a session is on-going.  And the sessions themselves?  Also better.  Perhaps it’s the practice and social maturity of the contestants, perhaps it’s the consistency and refinement from the contest organizers/sponsors, or perhaps it’s a bit of luck of the draw as some people “gush” after all, in any setting, especially those in certain organizations targeted every year for their information bounty.  Regardless, it got me thinking more about what I saw, what I’ve experienced in my own professional and personal life and where things are/might be headed.

First a quick diversion – a little bit about me to help set the stage about where I’m coming from in this blog perspective – I like ideas, especially when they’re still relatively new and not yet fads, especially those that pertain to the human condition, even the bad ideas.  So it was with phishing when most people *yawn*.  [Yeah, it’s still like that today. <smile>]  But I digress…. Read more…

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