Penetration Testing

January 15th, 2009

Ethical Hacking enables clients to quickly identify, assess and remedy security holes. Devices attached to the network are evaluated to detect technical vulnerabilities. Ethical Hacking is accomplished by performing scheduled and selective probes of the network’s communication services, operating systems, key applications, and network equipment in search of those vulnerabilities. Our specialists analyze the vulnerability conditions and provide a detailed report including corrective actions.

Ethical Hacking is a battle simulation to determine what vulnerabilities have not been addressed in your network. By locating vulnerabilities before the bad guys do, Ethical Hacking will increase the level of confidence of the company’s security measures. In particular, Ethical Hacking:

  • Provides a “battle-test” for your network, systems, and applications
  • Provides a more “realistic” test than a paper-based assessment
  • Provides a proactive approach to mitigating risk
  • Enhances the quality assurance process
  • Demonstrates the need for and effectiveness of security

Read more information about Security Penetration Testing, at the Emagined Security website.

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